From West Jutland
From a culturel projekt i westjutland 2003
”NordenFra” is a modern Danish dance theatre with the feet planted in the Nordic soil.

The theatre continuously produces new material always seeking for new artistic expressions in a close collaboration with dancers and musicians. The Dance theatre is one of the oldest modern ensembles in Denmark and has its background in the international experimenting work arounddance and theatre.

We work on the shoulders of the modern avant-garde tradition but have our main inspiration in the Nordic musical folk culture.

The theatre always have the goal to bring the dance and the music out from the big cities to the places where people live and we always work on performing in untraditional places. On the streets, in barns, in the woods and by the seashore. Besides normal performances we have specialized in meeting “The other”

In various situations we create spaces and cultural rooms where people and cultures can meet and be together in meaningful relations. Because of that the theatre has an international orientation and has travelled in many countries from The Faeroe Islands to China.

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